Viveve V2 5cm 110 Pulse Training Tip

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Quantity of 6 five centimeter tips per box. Price is for 6 tips including additional accessories;

**** These tips only work on Viveve V2 (as pictured above) devices released October of 2018.  These tips will not work on legacy V1 devices shipped prior to October 2018.

- 6 Count Viveve/Geneveve 5cm Single Treatment Tip with 110 pulses per tip
- 6 Count grounding pads

Viveve Geneveve treatment tip. Standard 5cm size. Sterile, ready for use.  Please make sure to check your Cryogen and Coupling fluid stock and order more if needed with new treatment tip order.

These tips will only work with the Viveve V2 Device. Please make sure to check the you are ordering the correct tips.