InToneMV by Viveve


InToneMV is an FDA-cleared prescriptive device for physicians treating patients for stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence as well as fecal incontinence, in both men and women.

The prescriptive device provides muscle stimulation, visual biofeedback, and voice guided exercises for a patient to use in the privacy of home.

Similar to a PT session, the InToneMV device instructs the patient on how to use the device and for how long (e.g. 3 second and 10 second contractions). The lighted visual biofeedback graph encourages patients to contract slowly, maintain the lights, and then release at the end of the contraction timer.

Using the quantifiable data, physicians can track a patient’s progress and assist with clinical decision making while ensuring compliance.

InToneMV requires 5 – 7 physician office visits (99214), based upon diagnosis, to set up and program the device to the individual patient. Subsequent visits include review of data and adjustment of stimulation to maximize results.

Note: InToneMV may be used intravaginally for women who cannot accommodate the insertion size of the InTone device.