Ultherapy DeepSEE DS 7-4.5 (Purple) Transducer


One Ultherapy DeepSEE DS 7-4.5 (Purple) Transducer, direct from Merz Aesthetics

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This Transducer:

This product is the Ulthera Purple DS 7-4.5 transducer and will be shipped same day from our warehouse in Charlotte, NC. MedShift Ultherapy transducers are new, unused, direct from manufacturer, and are certified to work on any Ultherapy system.


Indications for Use

The Ulthera® System, in conjunction with the Ulthera® DeepSEE® transducerallows for ultrasonic visualization of depths up to 8 mm below the surface of the skin. The indicated use of the imaging is to visualize the dermal and subdermal layers of tissue to:

• Ensure proper coupling of the transducer to the skin

• Confirm appropriate depth of treatment such as to avoid bone


The types of transducers reflect variations in frequencies and treatment depths as shown below:


Identifying Transducers

Transducers are identified by the label on the top of the transducer which includes the name of the transducer (Ulthera® DeepSEE®), treatment frequency and treatment depth (DS X-X), a unique serial number, a part number, and date of manufacture. The Treatment Guidelines on the control unit interface will display the recommended transducer to utilize based on the anatomical area you have selected to treat. 


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