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Creating a New Website? | 5 Tips Every MedSpa Owner Should Know

Creating a New Website? | 5 Tips Every MedSpa Owner Should Know


Well-planned websites have the power to bring in more patients and revenue. If you’re new to building a website, however, all of the moving pieces can feel overwhelming. To help you get started, we’ve put together 5 tips for building a website that looks as great as it performs.

1. Use high-quality photos

High Quality Photos

Don’t use blurry or out-of-date photos that remind your website’s visitors of the early 2000’s. You can take photos yourself if you’re camera-savvy, or use a platform like Shutterstock to download professional stock photography. On a budget? Unsplash has free, high-resolution photography available! Do keep in mind that some photographers on Unsplash require that you give credit for their work on your website.

2. Keep it on-brand

On Brand

Easy there, tiger. No one needs to use 20 shades of purple and 10 different fonts on their website. Stick to your brand guidelines: 5 or so harmonious colors, 2 or so fonts, and variations of one logo. You’d be surprised by how much cleaner a website that adheres to brand guidelines looks.

3. Use keywords and key phrases

Use Keywords and phrases

Keywords are terms that your potential patients will use on search engines like Google. Using as many keywords on your website as possible will help you to rank higher in search engine results. A higher ranking means that more people will click to your website, and more clicks translate to more appointments. You should include all of your keywords and key phrases in the body of your website. Make sure that you’re using page titles and headers to display your most important keywords.

4. Data is your best friend

Data is Your Best Friend

Do you know how people find your website? If not, you should be using a platform like Google Analytics. Google Analytics can help you understand where your visitors are coming from (such as from social media, search engines, paid ads, etc.).

5. Design for conversion

Design For Conversion

Your website serves a purpose - generating revenue from patient visits. Design your website around this end-goal of converting visitors to patients: 

  • Consultation forms should be on every page. And if you offer free consultations, advertise that!
  • Do you offer bundles or seasonal promotions? Advertise those on your front page and/or treatment page to create a sense of FOMO for potential patients.
  • Some potential patients might prefer to call you before requesting a consultation. Make your phone number prominent - ideally on the header and footer of your website.
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