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Medspas are Trending on Google

Medspas are Trending on Google


We’re glad to share some exciting news with our customers: the term “Medspa” is trending on Google, and as of October 2022, is more popular than ever before.

Popularity of Google Searches for "MedSpa"

The chart above shows the relative search interest in the term “Medspa” since 2018 (“relative search interest” meaning that a y-axis value of 50 indicates a term is half as popular at any given time as at a value of 100). Since we’re clocking in at around 100 now, people are searching for “Medspas” more than twice as often today as they were in 2018, when search interest was hovering at a value below 50.

So, what does this mean for your aesthetic practice?

Let’s start by considering the #1 related query for searches for the term “Medspa”: Medspa near me.

This tells us that people are generally using Google to search for Medspas with a transactional intent: meaning that the searcher is considering making a purchase (or scheduling a consultation) in the near future. If you’re running a Medspa or other aesthetic practice, this is great news for you!

While you probably already know that you can (and typically should) be marketing your practice through paid ads or social media, you should take this as a sign to capitalize on the increasing number of searches for the phrase “Medspa near me.”

In other words, your goal should be for your practice to show up as one of the first search results on Google, and you can achieve that through the process of Search Engine optimization (SEO). There’s a lot to learn when it comes to SEO, but the general principle is simple: use words on your website that match the terms potential patients are searching for. These are called “keywords.”

Use words and phrases that the average person is familiar with, not just aesthetic professionals.

  • Example: You offer RF Microneedling and are able to treat the festoons with great results! But potential patients probably aren’t searching Google for “festoon treatments.” So, you should use the phrase “eye bag treatments” on your webpage instead.


Another tip- avoid repeating the same keyword too many times. On your website’s device page, mix in synonyms for your keywords (called related terms) as well to be ranked as highly as possible on Google. If you’re trying to rank highly for the search phrase “eye bag treatment,” you should also use terms like “under-eye,” “puffy eyes,” and “bags under eyes.”

Those are just the basics of SEO, but should be helpful for you as you work to increase your rank on search engines and help you take advantage of the increasing number of searches for “Medspa” in 2022. 

To learn more about MedShift and how we can transform your practice, visit our store at

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