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Design your own medical-grade skin care line.

About AMP Medical

AMP Medical is a medical-grade private label skincare company that caters to a global marketplace for leading medical and aesthetic professionals. AMP Medical believes in a holistic approach to skincare and strives to create clean, pure products using natural ingredients. Their proprietary formulas never contain parabens or other harmful toxins, and are free of artificial colors, fragrances and synthetic chemical preservatives. They have opted to not use human or animal stem cells or growth factors in their products, and all of AMP Medical’s products are cruelty-free. In addition, they avoid using mineral oil and petroleum-based ingredients because of their pore-clogging effects and potentially toxic contaminants like (PAH’s) hydrocarbons.


Just $50 to get started

Add one Private Label Upgrade to your cart for each AMP Medical product you would like to have private labeled. After checking out, make sure to fill out this form to customize your label’s logo, fonts, colors, and more! 

How to Create Your Private Label:

     1. Browse our selection of AMP Medical products below and select “Create a New Private Label” before clicking “Add to Cart.” 

     2. The minimum order quantity for privately labled AMP Medical products is 12 per SKU. Make sure to add 12 of each product you would like to have privately labeled to your cart. 

     3. Click here to add the Private Label Upgrade to your cart ($50). You’ll need to add one of this item to your cart for every product you are creating a new private label for. 

     4. Finally, click here to customize your products’ labels. Your skin care line will include your logo and your brand’s colors and fonts. You also have the option of customizing your product’s names, descriptions, instructions, and even the symbols (such as “Made in the USA”) that appear on your products’ labels! 


After receiving your order and completed questionairre, a member of the AMP Medical team will reach back out to you with a label proof (approximately 24-48 hours).

Proven Formulas

AMP Medical is committed to using clean ingredients - such as rich botanicals and certified organic plant extracts - to ensure that its products are nourishing, effective, and of the highest quality. Their manufacturing partners are innovators in proprietary bioactive ingredients and delivery systems. Each AMP product is carefully developed by chemists who are specialists in their respective fields and uses medical-grade ingredients to yield targeted results. All of AMP Medical’s products are manufactured in the USA and in FDA-compliant labs.

Why Choose AMP Medical?

Quick turnaround time: AMP Medical prides itself in efficiency. Most orders ship in 2-3 business days, and label proofs are created within 2 days of receiving your logo and design details.


Attention to detail: AMP Medical’s production team members are perfectionists when it comes to labeling products. All product labels are meticulously aligned and free of lint and air bubbles.

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