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Boost revenue and improve the patient experience with your own mobile app

RepeatMD: Your Perfect Partner in Growth
We've researched RepeatMD and believe that their platform offers several key benefits that will be valuable to the MedShift community including enhanced patient engagement and increased revenue potential.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. Together, MedShift and RepeatMD can help you achieve your practice goals!

Everything You Need to Easily Grow Your Practice

24/7 Revenue Generation

Stop limiting sales to office hours and empower patients to purchase treatments anywhere, anytime — even while you sleep!

Promotions on the Go

Out of the office? No problem. Easily create and launch your next promo from wherever you are in the world.

Treatment Discovery

Give patients access to treatments they’ll love through your app catalog. Highlight high-margin services, recommend treatments, and create custom packages.

Work Less, Sell More in 3 Easy Steps

We get to know your practice

RepeatMD works with you to build a custom app that reflects your brand allowing you to promote relevant products and services 24/7.

Sell anytime, anywhere

Your app will facilitate after-hour sales and capture potential patients during peak browsing times.

You get a new source of revenue

Your new app will transform the patient experience and bring in 22% more revenue (on average).

Explore RepeatMD Solutions:

Unleash the power of sales automation!

RepeatMD’s platform comes packed with powerful features to drive new sales and repeat business for your practice 24/7.


Reward patients to
drive more revenue

Everyone loves feeling like a winner. That’s why 48% of first time sales are driven by mobile rewards and those customers are more inclined to return.


Memberships create passive income

Memberships create monthly recurring revenue for your practice and members spend 44% more per year than non-members.

Patient Financing

Make all your treatments affordable

Patient financing leads to a substantial 167% increase in spending, indicating that patients are more willing to pay when they have immediate access to financial support.


Provide 24/7 Shopping

Gone are the days that your need to limit your sales to your operating hours. RepeatMD increases practice revenue by 22%.

Patient Engagement

Sell from anywhere at anytime

Use the Medcommerce Engine to run your promotions from anywhere. 86% of in-app purchases are made outside of the practice.

Business Intelligence

Know what’s working for you

Business Intelligence tools provide valuable insights into patient behaviors, including referrals, revealing that 45% of app users are referred by a friend.

$950M Revenue Generated

Over 1 Million Patients

3500+ Practices

Real Clients, Real SuccessMeet practices thriving with RepeatMD:

In 30 days, Dr. Pearlman drove over $300k of in-app revenue and generated an average order value of over $2,000.

Dr. Steven J. Pearlman / New York, NY

In 45 days, Margaret created $40,267 in monthly recurring revenue from their app, increased her practice's sales by $483,204, and grew her practice value by $1.5 million.

Margaret Haley / Pinecrest, FL

In 90 days, Dr. Camden created $43,583 in monthly recurring revenue from their app, increased her practice's sales by $522,996 and grew her practice value by $4.1 million.

Dr. Teresa Camden / Glen Allen, VA

In 1 day, Chris generated over $130,000 of in-app sales, signed up 6,000 new patients, and secured 300 appointments.

Chris Balbi / Allentown, PA

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