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Renuvion/Apyx Split Grounding Pads


Box of 50 disposable split adult return electrodes (grounding pads) with cables.

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The Disposable Split Adult Return Electrode Pad is a disposable, single-use, neutral electrode, which provides a return path for high frequency electrical current to the ESU device.

Disposable Split Return Electrodes (also known as grounding pads and dispersive electrodes) are single use, non-sterile, disposable devices. They are used in conjunction with an electrosurgical generator and accessories, such as electrosurgical handpieces, pencils, and electrodes. Grounding pads are used in monopolar surgery to disperse electrosurgical current delivered by a monopolar electrode to low density (reducing the risk of patient burns) and return the electrosurgical current back to the generator.

RF energy, which is generated from the generator travels through the interconnecting cable to an electrosurgical accessory (e.g.: handpiece), where the energy is delivered to an electrode to coagulate tissue. The electrical current passing through the patient’s tissue seeking a return ground is directed to the grounding pad that is attached to the patient. The current will flow through the ground pad back to the generator, completing the circuit. This provides safety to the patient by dispersing the RF energy over the large surface area of the grounding pad to avoid burning the patient due to high current density.

The electrode is placed on or under the patient, and the cable is attached to the appropriate port on the electrosurgical generator. Grounding pads are attached directly to the patient’s skin by a gel adhesive. This grounding pad is a split return electrode, and it is used with compatible generators to provide additional safety in that the contact quality is monitored.

Includes box of 50 disposable split adult return electrode (grounding pads) with cables. These are to be used with the upgraded APYX-RS3 Renuvion generators/hand pieces.


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